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To receive an uncontested (no-fault) pro se Florida dissolution of marriage (Florida divorce), regardless of where you live in Florida, without having to attend a court hearing or making a court appearance, both parties must be capable of reaching an agreement (a written agreement) concerning all issues of the marriage and be willing to voluntarily execute the necessary documents which will lead to the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage, and the PETITIONER must qualify as a Florida resident to use the Florida divorce process and have the intent to remain a Florida resident. This divorce process can be handled entirely through the mail without either party having to go to a court hearing as long as the parties cooperate with each other throughout the process. If this applies to you, do the following: Be sure to read this entire page twice before you begin so you will thoroughly understand the steps you must follow. Keep in mind---WE manage your case for you throughout the entire process until completed. We keep your case on-track and moving forward.

Step 1. Print (use your web browser's print function), fill-in and sign the FLORIDA DIVORCE INFORMATION FORM WITHOUT MINOR CHILDREN. Note: The Wife may change her last name back to her maiden name or a former married name at no additional charge in the Florida divorce case.

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If you are paying by credit card and wish to submit the FLORIDA DIVORCE INFORMATION FORM WITHOUT MINOR CHILDREN on-line, CLICK HERE. If you have not been to a secure page recently, this secure information form page may take two minutes or more to load. Please be patient.

Step 2. Someone who knows the PETITIONER has been a Florida resident for more than six months will need to execute a Corroborating Witness Affidavit after the petition has been filed to prove residency of the Petitioner. Able Legal Forms Company will provide this form. The RESPONDENT does not have to be a Florida resident and can reside anywhere in the world. NOTE: The Petitioner must be a resident of the State of Florida for a six (6) month period just prior (next) to filing for Dissolution of Marriage with the present intent to remain a Florida resident. If in the military service and stationed in Florida, Petitioner must have resided in Florida for six (6) months prior to filing. If in the military services and your home state is Florida and you are stationed elsewhere, even overseas, Petitioner may also use this process for uncontested dissolution of marriage without making a court appearance.

Step 3. Mail us your completed CUSTOMER AGREEMENT and FLORIDA DIVORCE INFORMATION FORM, unless you have submitted the forms electronically with your payment ($279.00--no minor children). Payments are accepted by money order or by Visa, MasterCard or Discover.   Your credit card statement will show a charge by Hoverhawk Corporation.

Make money orders payable to Able Legal Forms Company. Mail to Able Legal Forms Company, P.O. Box 2144, Foley, AL 36536.

Step 4. On average within two (2) days of receipt your information, excluding weekends and holidays, your requested court documents will be mailed to the Petitioner (unless instructed otherwise) for proofreading, approval and signatures. If corrections or additions are needed, changes will be made and the corrected documents mailed to the Petitioner.   Additional charges may apply depending on the additions/changes.  It will not be necessary for the parties to complete Financial Affidavits in cases where no children are involved and the parties have a Marital Settlement Agreement (both parties cooperating, signing documents and no unresolved issues). 

Step 5. Next, if you have chosen to file your case in the county with no hearing (so you will not have to attend a court hearing and you have selected our Courthouse Courier Service) return the executed documents to Able Legal Forms Company, P.O. Box 2144, Foley, AL 36536 with your money order (the court no longer accepts personal checks) for the court's filing fee made payable to "Clerk of Court". This fee is currently $408.00. Note: Please be advised that a "signature required" mailing will most likely delay receipt by us. Therefore, it is suggested that you simply use "priority mail with confirmation of delivery" if you want proof of delivery. It is not unusual for our mail to be picked up "after hours" and sometimes the lines at the post office are simply too long to wait--which means the mailing will not be picked up until a later date.

Step 6. Upon receipt of your executed Florida Divorce documents and if you have chosen to file your uncontested case in the county with no hearing and you have selected our Courthouse Courier Service, (no hearing required) Able Legal Forms Company will deliver your documents and your filing fee, as requested by you, to the Clerk of the Court. NOTE: If you have chosen to file your case in some other Florida County, we will be unable to assist you. For your information, when your case is filed with the court, the court may enter a Standing Pretrial Order--a copy of which will be mailed to both parties. To see the pertinent section of an example of such an order click here.

Step 7. You and your spouse should receive your Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage in the mail from the Clerk of Court within approximately five to eight weeks from the date of filing. After your divorce is granted, the venue for making modifications to your Final Judgment, such as changes to alimony, etc. will be in the county in which your case was filed.

Step 8. Call us if you have questions at   1-251-942-2152 or Contact us by email [ floridadivorce (at)]. We are not attorneys and cannot provide you with legal advice. If you need legal advice seek a competent Florida family lawyer. Click here to review Florida law governing Florida Dissolution of Marriage .

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